Surely enough, we made it safe and sound to Traverse. Trust me when I say that it wasn’t my favorite ride ever. I sat in the back seat with two wet-with-snow dogs while I watched Sierra grab the “Oh Crap” handle a few times due to the slippage that we encountered.

It’s Christmas Eve and we are now at Billy & Nicole’s house. We could be down in Morley with Nicole’s family…and we’ve been invited to even spend some time with Nick’s family, but Bennett and I decided to take it easy today and lay low. After all the traveling we’ve done in the past five-or-so days, it’s about time to sit on our butts, watch some Christmas movies on tv and enjoy the company of my wonderful fiancee and my two amazing puppies.

No worries though, tomorrow is our sibling Christmas… we’ll have all the family time we’ll need.

I’ve included a few pictures that I took today, just so I can keep up with my recap of our travels to Michigan. Again, we had FIVE dogs in the house…as well as Billy and Nicole’s two cats. Generally, we do our best to keep the dogs away from the cats, but it’s pretty ridiculous trying to because I’m greatly outnumbered. Muffy has taken to hiding under the blankets on the couch, thinking she can get away with that.

She did for a long time except when Nala decided to jump on the couch, not noticing the hidden cat. Nala stepped directly on her, which caused Muffy to run away and have the five dogs chase her. Poor girl. I was so frazzled trying to get everybody to calm down, it wasn’t even funny. đŸ™‚

Well, from Bennett, George Michael, Maeby and myself, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully everybody’s been good and Santa will treat you well with your presents under the tree this year.