Much to Bennett’s delight, we got to go sledding yesterday.  I was less than thrilled about the drive to the sledding hill of choice (because it was snowing like a beast!) but once we got there, my nerves calmed down and I was able to enjoy the beautiful snow that was surrounding us.
It was a lot of fun….although I think the most fun I had was watching everybody bite it while attempting to go downhill standing up on the sled.  Bennett’s ride was HILARIOUS.  I didn’t include it on this slideshow….maybe because it’s so good, it needs its own post.
Despite the nasty weather, we had a semi-productive day.  We went sledding, Bennett got to watch his Steelers play some football, Sierra and I got some last-minute shopping done, and we went out for some SUPER DELICIOUS sushi.  YAY FOR SUSHI!!!  It was amazing…I’m so glad we got to enjoy it again with our Michigan family.  A couple of our friends even braved the weather to join us on the delicious dish.
Now, we’re hoping that the weather is going to treat us right so we can make it down to my Nana’s house for a visit.  She doesn’t exactly live on the easiest roads to drive on during snowfall, so I’m going to be giving her a call soon to see just how feasible it is to go down and see her and Grandpa Clay.  If today isn’t an option, we still have a small window of opportunity to visit later this week. 
And so…..our Michigan Christmas Extravaganza continues!!