Bennett and I are super excited because we’ll finally be able to meet my little brother, MaKale. Dad’s been doing an AMAZING job keeping me updated with pictures of him…and I thought I’d at least share one with everybody. He’s super cute!!

Like Bennett said…we are headed to Michigan on Saturday to see the family. Eli will be turning 7 on Saturday, so we might even be able to go out to dinner with them and celebrate his birthday as well. I always feel bad for people that have their birthdays so close to Christmas because I feel like they get screwed out of presents, but it really doesn’t seem to phase Eli. Sometimes I feel like Bennett and Billy’s birthdays are too close to Christmas because even in mid-January, my wallet is still recovering from Christmas.

Now is the time for Bennett and I to scramble around and make sure we have everything ready for the trip up north. We’ve got dog crates/food/toys, Christmas gifts and our own clothes to pack into Bennett’s Kia and be crammed in for the 10-hour drive. Let’s just hope that the weather is on our side and we don’t run into something we can’t handle. I checked and all it’s telling me is light snow showers, so we should be fine. Bennett’s a really safe driver anyway…and I’m sure with all the precious cargo (me and the dogs) in the car, he’ll be extra careful.