Bennett and I can’t stop getting ourselves into ridiculous situations.

Let me set the scene for you: Sierra and Nick were both at work, we didn’t have a key to their house, we had three dogs with us (our two and Nala, we were dropping her off at Billy’s) and it’s snowing outside at a whopping 9degrees.

Scene set enough?? 🙂

As we were headed out of the house, we locked the door behind us, the dogs are already in the car that is on and warming up. As Bennett went to grab the handle to open the door to his car….he hears a “click”. One of the dogs had stepped on the door, somehow managed to lock the door, and leave us on the opposite side of the door.

Just to be clear: Sierra’s house is locked. The car is locked with three dogs inside. It’s snowing. And it’s 9degrees. SUPER!

After calling AAA, 911 and a failed wrecker number, we went to Sierra’s neighbors and had them hook us up with a number for a wrecker that we actually got through to. So an hour after we stepped out of the house, we were actually able to get back in the car and on our way.


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