We made it to Michigan safe and sound yesterday and started our introduction of all the dogs. Denver (Billy&Nicole’s new puppy) and George Michael are best buddies already….they melt my heart everytime I see them play!! I think George Michael is just excited to have someone his size to play with, rather than Maeby (whos head is about the size of his body).

There’s a TON of snow here and our dogs are loving every minute of it. Maeby actually jumped into the foot or so of snow that is in Billy’s front yard as soon as we let her out of the car. I think she was both excited to finally see snow again….and to stretch her legs after that long car ride.

Today, we’re allowing the human-type to go play in the snow. After dinner with Billy, Nick, Sierra, Bennett, myself, Dad, Ronette, Kaden, Seth, Eli and MaKale…..Sierra and Nick invited the little guys to stay over at their house in order to take them sledding today. Pretty much, Bennett and I invited ourselves to go along and play in all that beautiful, white, fluffy stuff that we’ve been missing out on in Wheeling.

I doubt that I’m going to be able to bring my camera with me to take pictures while we’re sledding…but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure out a way to catch some of the action on camera. Wish us luck that we don’t break any bones while trying to show off our sweet sledding skills. 🙂

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