Unfortunately, Katy and I can’t claim that the best thing to happen to us was our engagement this year. Had I waited a mere 2 weeks, we could say otherwise. Nonetheless, 2008 was great for us and we have had a lot to be thankful for. Our newly adopted puppy George Michael is in our life (whether or not he wants to run into the woods away from our call and beckoning)! He has really given Maeby that extra play time that we sometimes can’t give her. Michigan was amazing for us, both living there and having that as a vacation destination. There isn’t anywhere else that one can have a beach with fresh water and warm weather to the polar opposite of 3 feet of snow months later. Living with Sierra taught me a lot about the 2 girls and their interesting traditions and idiosyncrasies. Finally getting back in school has given me a lot of drive to finishing up with that part of my life. Slowly but surely Katy is in the process of getting enrolled, perhaps not before ’09 but at least it is in the works! So to any and all readers, I hope your 2008 was enjoyable and without regret. Remember to be thankful for everything and really appreciate friends and family that can be close to you during these festive times. Happy New Years everyone! See you in 2009.