Like Bennett shared earlier, we’ve had a pretty big year. It’s interesting though because I feel like every year of my life gets more and more eventful and exciting. We’ve been engaged for an entire year now and it’s still like new….Bennett and I have the most fun ever together and I’m blessed to have found such a great person to share my life with.

He’s been doing AMAZING in school so far and I couldn’t be prouder. Seriously, Bennett is one of the smartest people I know…it just took him going back to school on his own account to actually be able to show his potential. I’m still working on figuring out what I want to “be when I get older”, but I feel like the gap of possibilities is narrowing a little bit for me. I’ve been looking into Graphic Design at one of the local colleges here and I think that might be the direction I’ll be heading. With a little more research and some communication with the councilors here, I’m sure I’ll be in school in no time.

Other than that, Bennett and I are starting to buckle down on some wedding plans. Basically, right before the holidays hit us, we made a plan not to worry about the wedding stuff until after the new year. Back then, the new year seemed like a long time away….and now it’s here. J I am working with a girl at McKinley that has secret aspirations to become a wedding planner…and she probably shouldn’t have shared that with me because now I’m going to test out her skills.

Haha, not that I have a lot to do really…but she can at least help me so I don’t go crazy (or start to drive David, Mary and Bennett crazy!). We’ve been looking at our wedding day as a big party that we get to throw all of our friends and family, so I promise you won’t be seeing a bridezilla coming out of me. (Or at least I hope not!!)