For some reason, this week has been a long one to endure…I’m pretty sure it has something to do with coming back from the holiday break.  The holidays kicked my butt, so you’d think I’d be happy to get back into a routine.

Bennett is dreading Monday’s arrival because he’s back in classes for the Spring semester.
I think it’s mostly nerves because he’s got a lot of classes this semester and he’s really going to have to buckle down on his studying…but if the results are anything like last semester, he’s got nothing to worry about.
After this last trip to Michigan, Bennett and I aren’t really going to be doing much (or any) traveling outside of Wheeling until after the wedding rolls around.  Normally, I’d be a little miserable knowing that I had five months of the same town, without a little trip in-between, but I had no doubts that I’m going to be a busy little lady during that period.  Mary and David have been keeping our weekends semi-full with preparations for the wedding, as far as the updating of Willow Glen goes…but it’s totally worth our time.
They’ve had painters in there for the past week getting the house back to living conditions and it’s AMAZING.  I keep bugging Mary to make sure she’s taking pictures during the whole transition because I almost forget what it looked like the day before the paint is put on the walls.  I’m excited because it’s not only a great step for our nuptials…but it’s also a pretty big deal for the McKinley family.  I’m sure their ancestors are giggling a little bit about all the work they’ve left behind for us…but also pretty happy that the legacy is able to continue while they’re not around.