Here’s a picture of my hubby-to-be…standing in a snow-covered version of the place we’re getting married in less than five months. Things are coming more and more together, and I’m getting more and more excited.

What did I find out today?!? I checked my email as soon as I got to work…and I had a notice from Davids Bridal that my wedding dress is in!!! Woohoo!! They had originally told me it wouldn’t be here until April 11, so I’m thinking January 15 works so much better. I can’t wait until I go to St. Clairsville and actually try on MY DRESS and bring it home with me. (Well…I’ll be bringing it to Mary & David’s house, because if I brought it home, I’d probably try it on every day, haha.) It will just make this whole wedding thing so much more realistic. đŸ™‚

Bennett’s classes were delayed/canceled again today because of the weather. For those of you who haven’t been to Wheeling, the drive to West Liberty is on a very scenic, steep and winding road. Bennett actually enjoys the drive because it is very pretty…but if the roads are anything but dry, it’s not exactly fun. I guess he got a little birthday present from the Mother Nature, allowing him to stay home and relax for the day. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!!