Our baby is sick. 🙁

Maeby hasn’t been feeling well for the past couple of days, and it’s really starting to affect the whole family.  She’s not as playful as normal and sometimes it feels like the light in her eyes isn’t as bright as it usually is.  We’ll be taking her into the vet this weekend to have her boarded for our weekend get-away…so hopefully the doctor can check her out and figure out how to make her feel better.
The great part about Maeby is that she’s really good at letting us know that she needs to go outside when it really calls for it.  The bad part about it is that she woke us up every TWO hours last night to take her out.  Bennett and I played it fair and took turns letting them out…George Michael followed behind her the first few times, then soon realized that he’d rather sleep.
I laughed a little about this because we’re grumpy about letting a dog out every couple of hours, when I know if we ever have kids this will seem like nothing in comparison.  For right now I can complain about the lack of sleep and seek pity from those around me.  At least Bennett feels my pain. 🙂
Hopefully Maeby starts to feel better.  I don’t like it when my little guys don’t feel well.