Just so everyone knows, I am doing all I can to get back into classes. 

There….will that get you off my back?!  🙂 Haha…
I went in on Friday and talked with the transfer counselor at West Liberty State College (where Bennett is currently going to school) and we discussed what it would take for me to graduate.  Because I am switching from a major that is completely unrelated to Graphic Design (my new field of study), it’s almost like I’m starting over.  Gross.
All of my general electives have been finished already, thanks to my time at WVU, but I didn’t take any art classes at WVU…therefore all of my major related courses still need to be taken.  After looking over the course list, I was actually excited to see what classes I would be taking because I’d finally be excited to go to class…it’s all an extension of what I already do at home.
I’m excited!