…Pittsburgh’s going to the Superbowl!!

Although I can’t officially share Bennett’s excitement about todays game…I can at least be excited about football, beer and food. :)  We’ve got the nacho cheese in the crockpot, the fridge stocked full of beer, a couple of friends coming over and the blessed "Terrible Towel" ready to be waved.
I’ve never been a fan of any of the NFL teams, but I think I’m starting to come around….especially after living with Bennett for two years now.  Anytime they’re on tv, Bennett is in front of one, yelling and cheering for his boys.  So I can admit I know (almost) all of the players names/nicknames, who plays which position and history behind some of the coaches and players.
With that much Steeler Nation information shoved my way, it’s hard not to grow a slight attachment to the team.  So maybe we can say I’m running at 50% fan-hood. 🙂
Let’s go Steelers!!