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Bennett and I took advantage, once again, of this beautiful weather.  This time we ventured off of Willow Glen’s property and decided to take the pups somewhere a bit more public.  Oglebay Park is just up the road from our house and has a ton of trails that allow us to “leash train” our dogs on.  I’m a bit ashamed to say that Bennett and I kind of avoid taking the dogs into public because we have all the room we need at WG.  It’s good to get them out and around people every once in a while.

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for Maeby to find her way into the water.  There were two ponds that we walked around and she dove right in as soon as we gave her the go-ahead.  George Michael is a little more hesitant about getting wet…and Bennett’s way of “getting him used to it” was by shoving George head first into the water where he was completely dunked.  The second picture is of my sweet little man giving his daddy a sad look after that incident.