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This past Friday, we were graced with a visit from one of our buddies, Rachel Spero.  Rachel is our friend that can be credited with our relationship as a whole…she’s the one that introduced us.  I’m going to have to say that I don’t think her intentions involved “sparks flying” between Bennett and myself, but it happened anyway. 🙂

She lives in Frostburg, MD right now and was on spring break so she spent one of her free days in Wheeling.  I always take advantage of my girlfriends when they’re close-by to help me with wedding stuff….so Rachel and I went to Davids Bridal to get my bustle done on my dress while Bennett was in class.  She started to get a little misty-eyed so it (obviously) helped boost my bride-ego.

It was really good to see Rachel.  We walked her around Willow Glen and helped her envision what it will look like on our big day, took her on a mini-hike in the woods and played a lot of catch-up with her.  It’s nice to know that I get to see her in April for the bridal shower and bachelorette party…and then again in June.  Everything is coming so soon!!!