…but for us, it’s GOLD AND BLUE!!!

Yesterday was soooooooooo much fun.  I probably can’t thank David and Mary enough for allowing us to participate in the things we do.  There was a fundraiser at Wheeling Country Club for the WVU football team, a few of the players were there and the entire coaching staff showed up, as well as the proud supporters in the Wheeling area.

It was very cool to be there (and the food wasn’t too shabby either!).  Bennett and I walked out a little star struck because we got to meet Bill Stewart, the head coach of the best damn football team in America.  He is seriously as nice of a guy as I thought he’d be.  And his speeches??  Inspirational!!  Haha.  I just makes me want football season to start tomorrow….and to not have to wait until September for the games to get rolling.


Its really neat that Mary and David include us on these types of things.  Not everybody gets to go meet the coaching staff of their favorite college team in such a casual setting.  I’m a lucky girl!!