Gross.  Bennett and I are in the school of business together at West Liberty, we just have different majors – he’s in Hospitality and Tourism and I’m in Management.  But, because of that, we have the opportunity to take a few classes together that are required for the business majors as a whole.  There just happened to be a class on Wednesday nights that the both of us needed and were able to take, so we thought it would be perfect to ride together, take the class, and study together.

We forgot to take one thing into account:  the people that realize we’re married.

The instructor had us all stand up and give a mini-introduction to the other 15-or-so people in the class, and I said something about living in Wheeling with my husband and working at my father-in-law’s office.  The instructor asked exactly where the office is and Bennett answered, so she asked if he knew the family….and then I made the mistake of saying that he’s my husband.  The entire freaking class erupted with an “awwwww”. 

Oh my gosh.  How embarrassing.  I mean, I’m not embarrassed to be married to Bennett, or for people to know, but getting ‘awwed’ by an entire class is a little much.  Hopefully that’s the least we’ll have to endure on our Wednesday nights. 🙂