Bennett and I were blessed this weekend with a visit from some New Yorkers.  Bobby and Eric drove in from Jamestown, NY to pay a little visit – as usual I wish they could have stayed longer.  I feel like I spent the entire time they were here laughing my butt off, so I think it’s safe to say that we had fun.  You’ll have to excuse me for the shoddy photography, but we spent about ten minutes trying to get the dogs to take a good picture with Bobby and were never successful.

He even bribed them with food and we still couldn’t get them to concentrate!  Crazy dogs!IMG_0327Other than the visit, our weekend was very low-key.  We spent Saturday watching the Mountaineers win against the Thundering Herd.  And then today (Sunday) we watched the Steelers beat the Browns.  Needless to say, our football teams made our weekend pretty great.  Why can’t football season last as long as basketball/baseball/hockey season??  It’s really not fair!

Hopefully all is well for our family and friends.  We miss everyone dearly (and promise to try and update this more often).