Bennett and I attended his 5 year reunion from high school on Friday – and boy does it make me feel like an old fart that we’re going to reunions already.  I mean, I am fully aware that I’ve personally been out of school for over six years now but it’s still a harsh realization that we’re OLD.  Haha.  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  The first picture here is of Bennett and a few of high old high school buddies.  He went to school with some pretty good lookin’ kids, huh?  I guess that Linsly alum aren’t so bad after all. 🙂IMG_0371


And of course, another picture of the newlyweds together.  Somehow we even managed to wear our wedding colors.  Representing our nuptials, perhaps?  Then we were smiling, but you should have seen us today.  I think it took about three hours worth of Wii Sports and Wii Fit against each other until we finally called it quits.  I never realized how competitive of a person I was until I decided to start playing games against Bennett.  I don’t know if it’s his little way of laughing at my failure that gets to me or what, but I normally I will force Bennett play the game over and over again until I win.  Either that, or I refuse to play it.  Haha, I’m such a great sport. 🙂

Otherwise, we are enjoying yet another fall weekend together.  With the exception of the mean looks (and words!) I was throwing in Bennett’s direction while playing video games against him, we’ve had a really nice, relaxing weekend.  The Mountaineers gave us another case of heartburn as we watched them seal another victory against the Connecticut Huskies and we’ve made plans with Annie and Davey to carve some pumpkins with them tomorrow.

We ask everyone to keep my amazing brother, Billy, in your thoughts while he faces another stage of his battle against Lymphoma.  He’s got too much of a future ahead of him to let a thing like cancer stop him, but he needs to get through this so he can get on with his life.  We love you, Billy!  Keep fighting the good fight!