Billy Bob

Billy checked into the hospital today at 8am and every time I walk into his room, this is how I find him: computer on lap, cell phone next to him and smile on his face.  He’s being a pretty good patient about this whole laying-in-bed-all-day thing, I know if I were in his position I’d start to get grumpy by now.

We had to laugh because Mary sent me a text message today that said “three out of four nurses just love your brother”.  I’m wondering what he did to the fourth one to tick her off!!  Haha.  I’m sure she didn’t mean it that way, but it was still something to get a bit of a chuckle out of.

As far as his treatment, he didn’t start any actual chemo until around 5:00p today.  He spent most of the day getting an iv, I’m assuming to keep him hydrated before they pump all of those chemicals into his body.  Billy seems to like his doctor and the nurses that are taking care of him and he scored a private room that overlooks most of Wheeling, so it’s really not too shabby of a deal that he was handed.  I went to visit him during my lunch break at work, which is nice because I work across the street from where he is in the hospital.  It’s no sweat to hop outside my office and ride the elevator up to his room.  Bennett and I showed up later to eat some yummy(?) cafeteria food and watch bad tv with our bro.

The biggest obstacle we’ve yet to overcome is to figure out how to get three dogs to settle down.  I don’t think I got any sleep last night because George Michael spent the entire night whining because he wanted to play with Denver, and Maeby whined because she wanted to go outside at 4am.  We were kind of bad parents because we hoped that she really didn’t have to go potty….if we ignored her it would just go away.  Not the case.  I just didn’t want to stir up a sleeping Denver in the living room with Billy.  Apparently there is no escaping it.

I plan on (bugging) visiting Billy Bob again tomorrow.  He pretends that he doesn’t need my company, but I know he thinks I’m the single most entertaining person in the world and he counts down the minutes until I show up again.  Isn’t that right, Bill?