Our week (in a nutshell).

Nov 23, 2009

I just realized that the last time I wrote on here, it sounded like Billy wasn’t doing the greatest.  Since then, a lot has happened and I suppose it is my duty to inform everyone of our past (and incredibly busy) week.  Here goes:

Wednesday: Billy was released from the hospital around 8:00pm and we were glad to see that he was doing a lot better than when I’d seen him before.  It was almost day and night from my lunch visit to when we got to take him home.  Something about the meds he was given at that point just wiped him out…but they wore off.  Thank goodness!  We took him to Mary & David’s house to stay because his house wasn’t quite move-in ready and I’m pretty sure that he went to bed almost immediately.  Pretty uneventful…

Thursday: Bennett took Billy to the hospital for his follow-up shot.  Don’t ask me the specifics, but I believe the shot was something that helped increase his white blood cells.  I think it was also to check on how he was feeling after getting such a high dose of medication the three days before that.  Oglebay Park has already put up their lights for the “Festival of Lights” so we thought it was a better time than any to show Billy what the festival is all about.  It’s kinda cool to see all of the lights that they’ve put together but it’s not cool that the traffic is so ridiculous and it gets old FAST.  Even then, we got stuck behind a tour bus full of people that drove s.l.o.w.e.r. than molasses.  Tourists!  AHH!!  Other than that, Bennett and Billy played some serious games of Mario on the Wii, our dogs created a huge mess in our apartment, and then Billy went back to Mary & David’s for some more R&R.  Here’s one of the pictures Bennett took while driving around the festival:IMG_0771

Friday: I think the chemo finally started to affect Billy’s system and he spent the majority of the day in bed.  Normally, I would be jealous and call him incredibly lazy (along with other mean names because I wish I was the one sleeping in) but I was happy that he was able to rest comfortably.  At this point, Bennett and I were super tired from the past week and we literally did nothing once we got home from work and school.  Billy Bob came over to watch some tv and after he left, we basically passed out immediately.  We’re just getting too old for this action, haha.

Saturday: This was move-in day for the bro.  Mary, Cathy (Bennett’s God-mother), Bennett, Billy and myself spent most of the day finding Billy a bed, couch and other household essentials.  We also were incredibly blessed to have so many people in town that are generous (and thoughful!) that donated some furniture for Billy to borrow during his time here.  I kept saying it over-and-0ver that day, but I’m totally jealous of the house that Billy is now staying it.  It’s a 1900’s Victorian style, 3-story house that inspires me to become an interior designer.  It has such potential to be the most amazing place, with a little TLC (and probably a ton of money and time, haha).  IMG_0800

Sunday: As much as we were hoping, today did not end up being uneventful.  The Steelers played some football (they lost, so that’s the most I am allowed to talk about it), Billy and Bennett spent twenty minutes trying to find a missing Denver during their walk in the woods, and we went to help celebrate Annie’s 3rd Birthday.  Her actual birthday is this Tuesday but since we will be preparing ourselves for our Thanksgiving trip to Canaan, they moved it up a couple of days.  Annie is the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen, I swear…and I’m not just saying it because she’s my niece either!

Meredith had their entire house decorated in Dora the Explorer gear, as well as a super cool Dora piñata.  I think I’m going to have Meredith plan my next birthday party so I can have all themed decorations as well.  Haha…I’m not sure if Dora will cut it, though.  After some yummy food, birthday cake, presents and piñatas, our day was still not over.   We joined Billy at the local laundromat for a “laundry date” in order to have clean clothes for our Thanksgiving trip.

Basically, we CANNOT wait until Wednesday when we travel downstate to see the Gerkin family for Thanksgiving.  Not only will we be able to hang out with some really great people, we will also get to relax.  Sounds like heaven to me. 🙂

Here’s a video I was able to capture of Annie blowing our her birthday candles.  Enjoy and goodnight!!

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  1. roxy

    Very cool house. I bet Muffy and Denver love it! Lots of room to roam.


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