I thought I would throw a quick update on here, after realizing that people are checking in on Billy through this website. I’ve been spending as much time with him these last three days that I can since he’s been in the hospital — to the point that almost all of my meals have been eaten in his hospital room while visiting.

Last night we brought Wheeling’s famous DiCarlos Pizza and mowed down some amazing slices. For those of you who haven’t experienced the greatness that is DiCarlos, you’re truly missing out. Billy was in high spirits last night again and he seemed to have a really healthy appetite and energy level.

Today was a little different when I visited him at noon. You could really tell that the chemo treatments are starting to get to him a little bit: his face is a swollen, he had hardly no appetite and he was SUPER tired. I felt bad bugging him, but I want to make sure he’s got enough company while he’s stuck in a hospital for three days straight. I know people do it for much longer, but Billy’s not exactly a guy that likes to sit still for that long. 🙂

The nurses didn’t seem to be concerned about his current state, so I didn’t let myself get too worried about it. I mean, it was hard to see my brother looking so “out of it” only sixteen hours after I’d seen him last. Thankfully he’ll be out of the hospital tonight (we still aren’t sure about the exact time he’ll be released) and he can get some real rest.

I guess that he’s had some visitors in his room for the last couple of days, ranging from myself and Bennett, to Mary, to an entire floor of nursing schools girls. Haha, apparently everyone else on the floor was sleeping yesterday so they all piled into Bill’s room to visit. They probably heard that there was a good looking twenty-something on their floor and fought their way in to see him.

I know I missed yesterday, but I’ll try and update everyone with Billy’s progress. He’s in a great hospital, with great doctors and nurses — and the McKinley clan is taking really great of him. I’ve said it before, but if anyone needs our address to send a card to Billy (or us?? we like cards too, haha) just drop me an email: mckinley.katy@gmail.com

Love to all!!