It’s amazing to think how quickly time flies. Seriously, I can remember bringing in Y2K with my friends and family during my freshman year of high school at our house in Hersey. It was hilarious because of the “Y2K Scare”; my dad went downstairs at midnight and tripped the breaker of the house so all the lights and everything went out. I think he was just trying to get our blood flowing. Haha.

Ten years have passed already — can I really be that old?? Apparently….
The past decade can really be a reflective point in my life, I guess I won’t delve into that just yet. I did a lot of growing up and changing and I think I’m pretty happy with the person I’ve become and the people who have stuck with me. Graduating high school, moving to West Virginia, meeting the love of my life….I’d say I’ve had a good run.
As far as this past year, I’m not sure how I could ever top it. Bennett and I were married and found out we are expecting in the same year. Seriously — what’s better than that??
And now, Bennett and I are preparing for our drive to Indiana to see Sierra and Nick, to help them bring in the new year the right way. For me, I’ll be drinking bubbly in the form of sparking grape juice, but I’m sure the others will find ways to make up for my lack of drinking. I have no doubt about it. đŸ™‚ We are keeping our fingers crossed for Mother Nature to be kind to us while we make the five-ish hour drive with our doggies….everybody think good thoughts for us!
I guarantee I will have some pictures to put up from the celebrations in New Haven, but this very well may be my last blog post in the year 2009. Where has the time gone?? We hope that everyone celebrates the new year and decade in style tonight. And, as always, we miss everyone dearly and send our love!