For Christmas, I went in on a gift with Bennett’s parents for [what I consider to be] the most awesome gift ever: a home beer brewing kit.  He started the process a week or so again and today, with Mary’s help, we bottled 48-bottles of Octoberfest.  In four weeks it will be ready to drink – well, everybody else can enjoy the delicious beer and I will get to sit back and watch them drink it.  (Jerks!)


Here’s my cutie-pie hubby transferring the brew from the carboy to the filler bucket.  We simply added a priming sugar to the batch and then bottled away.  For some reason, the three of us left a little nervous, thinking Mary and David’s basement was going to have a large explosion of beer all over it.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen.  I’m not sure I want to see the results of that potential disaster.