Today I had another doctor’s appointment, this one turned out to be a lot less extensive than the first.  Seriously I think we spend more time waiting for doctors to see you than you actually get to be examined by them.  He went over the usual: my blood type, etc and then we got to have another ultrasound!  Most people I’ve talked with are surprised that we had another one already (as was I) but I will NEVER complain about getting to see the little bean growing inside of me.Week 8 - 2010.01.18

Because I’m not very far along, the baby is still more like a blob in these pictures.  But I got to see the beautiful little being’s heart flutter and that was more than I could have asked for!  I can’t wait until we can see arms and legs flying all over the place…but I will certainly settle for what I’ve been given already.  Well – I’ll settle until a couple more weeks comes along and I get impatient.  Haha.

Bennett came with me again today and shared the experience.  I love that he wants to be involved with all of the doctors visits.  I know that a lot of men don’t get into it as much as women do, but by walking beside me in all of these steps he can be as interactive as possible.  It’s almost not fair that he doesn’t get to be the one actually carrying the little stinker around and experiencing everything that I do.