Our wishes have been answered:  We went to the doctor today and everything looks like it’s going perfectly.  Woohoo!!Week 7 - 2010.01.04

Here’s the first picture EVER of our little bean.  Of course, it’s only 6mm long so it’s just a blob…but it’s the cutest blob I’ve ever seen.  It took my breath away when the ultrasound technician pulled it up on the screen.  My favorite part had to be when I looked over and saw Bennett with tears welling in his eyes.  It was a very touching moment.  (It would have been even more touching if there hadn’t been THREE other people in the room.  Bennett and I could have handled that moment on our own.  Haha.)

It’s pretty awesome to think that in a couple of months, that little apple seed sized thing is going to look like a tiny human.  Imagine that.  And it’s growing inside of my belly!!  Who would have thought? 

As far as the due date – it’s a little fuzzy to us.  Based on the size, the doctor said that we are 6 weeks, 1 day.  But he also said that the due date will still be estimated at August 24.  That would put us at 7 weeks tomorrow.  I haven’t the slightest idea what to think now, haha.  Basically, the baby is too teeny right now to get an accurate assessment and we will find out during one of the next couple of visits what they think.

I know it wasn’t routine when my mom was pregnant with us kids, but I am sooooooo happy that they do ultrasounds during the first visit.  There were (several) points where I kept thinking that I was misreading all of my symptoms and I wasn’t pregnant, just having a hysterical pregnancy.  I thought up how devastated we would be and how exactly we would break the news to everybody.  I’m a freak, I know.  I just don’t know what I’m supposed to feel like but I feel like I’m supposed to FEEL pregnant.  I guess I should just relish in the fact that I’m healthy, the baby is healthy and everything is going as it should be.  Get a grip, Katy!