And so we brought in the new year in style.  Bennett and I made it safe-and-sound to Indiana to visit with the little sister and her boytoy.  We, of course, brought the pups with us and they enjoyed playing with the giant and hairy dogs that Sierra and Nick have at their place.  Well…at least George Michael and Miley enjoyed playing, while Nala barked orders at them and Maeby stared at Sierra’s cat.  But hey…that all seems like they enjoyed it to me!!IMG_1100


As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, there was something exciting (yet again) with our family!  As soon as the ball dropped and 2009 became 2010, Nick dropped to one knee and asked my baby sister to marry him.  Of course she said yes…and even if she may have been suspecting it a bit, I still think it took her by surprise and she seemed VERY happy about it.  If I had to pick someone for my little sis, Nick would be the only choice.  We really like him a lot and couldn’t be happier.  I accepted (she didn’t even ask, I just took the job) the role as Matron of Honor and offered my help as much as she would take with the planning – but I think it’s still a bit early for Bug to think colors and details.  Unlike me, who had the colors picked before Bennett even asked me.  Haha.



All in all, we had a really good time visiting in New Haven and can’t wait until we get to hang out with them again.  If only we could make everyone move closer to us!!  Our plan isn’t working as quickly as we had thought.  We thought we won a small victory by keeping Billy here for a little while, but he left us in a flash and now we’re back to square one.  Sheesh!!  All that work….

Bennett and I are the most excited for a Monday to come than we have ever been, especially after a long weekend.  BUT…..we get to go to the doctor tomorrow!!  It will be my first OB/GYN visit after we found out about the little one and when I called to ask what to expect for this visit, they told me that we were going to be having an ultrasound.  SO EXCITED!  There’s a chance we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat and see a picture of our little amoeba growing inside of me.  How cool is that?  AHH!  I can’t wait!