We have to share another picture of the “baby bump”.  I put it in quotes because it just looks like someone needs to tell me to lay off of the sweets instead of asking if there’s a bun in the oven.  We have begun another week though…welcome Week 14! Week 14 - 2010.02.23

I feel like time is just flying by – and I’m not just talking baby either.  Our weeks are just a blur and our weekends are even worse.  This past weekend was a fun one though.  We got a chance to watch Davey and Annie while Meredith and David went to Pittsburgh for a late Valentines Day dinner.  It was super fun.  Those kids were wound for sound by the time we got there and they literally didn’t stop running around until bedtime.

It was so cute to watch Annie literally fight sleep while we were watching the Olympics during their night-time snack.   Her head was bobbing, her eyes were closed and she kept forcing them open…and every time I tried to take her snack away from her, she woke right up and started shoveling food into her mouth.  About a minute later (if she even lasted that long), the head bobbing commenced.  It really had me giggling.

I’ve also started a new crafting endeavor,  one of which is creating a lot of jokes.  My friend, Katie, has been having “old lady” nights with me where she brings her crocheting over and I cross-stitch.  I have been wanting to learn how to knit or crochet for the longest time now but seeing Katie has certainly made the want even stronger.  So she took me to Michaels, helped me pick out some yarn and hooks and I went home to YouTube instructions for left-handed people.  I’ve started creating what I hope ends up being a baby blanket and I am quite excited about it.  Hopefully by the end of this, I’ll feel comfortable to try hats/baby booties, etc.  Oh the possibilities!