We have arrived in style at Week 17 and I’m certainly starting to show.  Do you think you can deal with 23 more pictures of me from the side?  We’ve been trying to keep everything the same so it’s a true comparison from week-to-week…so if you were wondering why I’ve got the same shirt in every picture, that’s why.  Weird?  I’m sure it is a little bit.  But I’ve gone too far and can’t turn back now. 🙂

Oh…and I haven’t been wanting to announce it in case I’m just a crazy person.  BUT, I think I’ve been feeling some fluttering from the Bean in my belly.  It’s usually when I’m watching tv or when I’ve been sitting for a while at work, but I feel something different than I’ve felt before in my belly and I’m in love with the idea that I can feel kicking.  Now I need to wait until Bennett gets to feel it as well (both for the assurance that I’m sane and for him to share in my joy).Week 17 - 2010.03.16

Wheeling has been showing us some nicer weather – it’s amazing how much nicer people are when there is a little sunshine outside.  Almost all of our snow has melted, with the exception of a teeny pile on the concrete next to the garage.  It used to be a huge snow pile that the plow created so I totally understand why there’s a little left.  Bennett and I were shocked when we came home from Chicago and it was all gone.  Shocked…but happy.

It’s also super nice that it’s light outside for longer than just walking to the car when I get out of work.  I mean, it’s 7:30 right now and we could still be spending time outside.  If it shows how warm-weather starved we were, we even ate our Subway outside and then took the dogs to the front yard for some play time.  Maeby even went for a quick dip in the creek.  “Quick” is the key word because I’m sure that creek isn’t exactly the warmest thing right now.  Yay Spring!!