We got to hear the heartbeat today and it was AMAZING.   I will have to say that the entire experience wasn’t amazing…but getting to hear the little Bean’s heart beating away at the end of it all was worth it.  Let me set the scene for you:

We finally got to see the doctor and he finally comes in holding this contraption with a speaker on the end of it.  I’m thinking, “Yes!  We finally get to hear something!”  After laying down, getting goop poured on my stomach and having him try and try and try….there was no heartbeat other than my loud, obnoxious one.  Dr. Pizarro walks out of the room telling us that he wants the other room with the ultrasound machine and then leaves us there for five minutes.  FIVE MINUTES.

It could have been an hour.  Bennett was trying to be calm (and keep me calm) but I was slowly starting to freak out.  Why did he just leave us in there?  Is something wrong with the baby?  Have I done something wrong?  I’ve been eating all the right things….

Seriously.  Sometimes people should just stop leaving me to my own thoughts.  It was pure agony.  And then the good doctor walked back in with the same equipment, had me lay back down, poured more goop on my stomach and searched for the heartbeat again.  We finally heard it.  And it was BEAUTIFUL.  Apparently I’m just carrying our little one a lot higher than he’d expected and he miscalculated where to point the machine.  Woohoo! A wave of relief poured over my body and all I wanted to do was listen to that for the rest of the day.

Week 16 - 2010.03.09

Thank goodness for modern technology because Bennett whipped out his iPhone and captured the sound.  If I can figure out how to post a sound clip on here I’d love to share it with everyone.  I’ve been texting the clip to everyone today (sorry for bombing some of your phones with baby stuff!) but I feel like everybody wants to hear the “lub, lub, lub” of our Bean’s heart.

Okay – so enough baby talk.  I’m supposed to be packing and getting ready for our trip to Chicago tomorrow.  I’m super excited that we get to see everyone and that we have a mini get-away set aside before the wee one comes into our lives.  I hear traveling is a bit more challenging when you have a baby to deal with. :)