We had such a BEAUTIFUL weekend, we spent as much time as possible outside.  Mother Nature gave us temperatures near/in the 70’s and we couldn’t have been happier.  It’s amazing how much more energy you have when the sun is shining.  We do everything we can to spend time outdoors with the dogs, breathing the fresh air and taking in the beauty of West Virginia.  IMG_1534

I was thrilled to see that trees are starting to bud and the grass is getting greener by the day.  Winter brings such beauty but there’s nothing quite as inspiring as spring plants trying to grow.  As we were driving home from work today I even saw that we have flowers blooming down near the bottom of the hill at Willow Glen.  I think tomorrow I’ll have to make a special trip to that side of Willow Glen’s property just to take some pictures.  I seriously can’t get enough.


I even slipped on sandals for the first time in 2010 and let my toes feel the fresh air!  You have no idea how refreshing that was for me.  Now if the grass will only get more lush (and the deer poop all over the yard somehow disappear) and I’ll be barefoot in no time.  I can’t wait!IMG_1564