Bennett and I are celebrating another week closer to little Louis’ arrival.  And along with another week is another HUGE milestone in the development of the little guy.  He’s kicking and kicking and kicking!!

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve all of this beating.  But at the same time, I could never complain about having a very obvious assurance that he’s alive and well in there.  It’s been going on for about two weeks and Bennett has been able to share in the joy for the last week now.  It’s pretty awesome and a feeling that I really can’t explain.  Louis is on a fairly regular schedule now, so it’s fun to predict when he’s going to start getting active. 

Oh…and our gDiapers should be here tomorrow or Thursday.  I’ve never been so excited about getting something in the mail that I won’t be able to use for four months.  🙂

Week 23 - 2010.04.27