9 Months??!!

Jul 28, 2010

Can you believe that we are in the 9th month of our pregnancy?  NINE months.  Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies?  It just seems like a few days ago that we announced to everyone that we were expecting.  And now we are in the final inning of everything. 

I have to admit that so far, month nine isn’t my favorite.  The heat has been unbearable lately (I believe Saturday gave us 107 degrees with 80-something percent humidity) and we’ve been moving ourselves into Willow Glen during this wonderful heat wave.  My feet have been experiencing the worst of it.  I look down and don’t even recognize the bloated, stubby feet that are attached to my body.  Bennett has been very sweet by tending to my every super-pregnant need.  Sometimes that means runs to the nearest gas station for sweets, sometimes that means running me cold baths so I can dunk my swollen feet.  He is the BEST.

I missed last week’s picture update so here are two back-to-back weekly photos of my ever growing belly.  We’ve now got a new background to display in these photos – as well as a new shirt (because I’m somehow misplaced it while moving from house to house).

Week 35 - 2010.07.20

Week 36 - 2010.07.27

One of the ladies I work with swears that my belly is dropping…but I think by these pictures alone, it looks like Louis is still growing up.  I hope that he’s descending because I don’t want this whole pregnancy journey to be dragged out longer than it needs to be.  Louis can cook as long as it is necessary for him to be healthy but he seriously needs to consider hurrying up the process.  Mommy and Daddy want to meet you, kiddo!!

Something that I could do without right now is all of the strangers that I’ve encountered in the last couple of weeks that are just plain RUDE.  I would never make the comments these women are to me.  For instance, I was standing in line to get my food during a lunch break at work and this woman turns around and practically shouts: “The hospital is over there!”  Seriously??  I know I’m huge.  I know that.  You don’t need to tell me.  I responded with an awkward explanation that I still had five more weeks until my due date.  She laughed and said that there was no way.  I’m already waddling, I don’t need you to make it seem like five weeks is an impossible feat.  GAH!

Today was another fun one.  We were at Kroger grocery shopping and one of the ladies that works there stared at me and simply said, “You look miserable.”  First of all, I don’t feel miserable.  (Okay, so sometimes I do.)  But for the majority of the time, I feel great considering how far along I am and how hot it is outside.  Miserable is one word I haven’t heard yet to describe myself.  Most people keep telling me I look good.  For a complete stranger to just tell me I look miserable is almost heart breaking.  I’m dressed, I’m out of bed, I have a smile on my face and my hair and makeup are done.  I think that’s pretty darn great. 🙂

So for all of you out there that will encounter a pregnant woman while you are out and about…the best thing to do is to not say anything.  She’s aware that she’s incredibly pregnant.  There is no need to remind her.  (Just a simple word to the wise, haha.)  And just so you know…I’m really not that offended by these people.  Just shocked by their insensitivity.  Did their mothers teach them nothing?

Okay, so enough baby talk for right now.

Bennett has been learning to be quite the photographer lately and I thought I’d share one of the photos he took tonight of our beautiful pup.  They were out on our porch checking out the deer that were on the front lawn of WG and Maeby was very interested in what the deer were up to.  She’s such a silent observer and its really sweet when she tilts her head from side to side while keeping an eye on Mother Nature’s creations.


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