Dilemma at the Doctors

Aug 11, 2010

Today we welcomed another weekly milestone:  Hello Week 38!!  Week 38 - 2010.08.10

We had a doctors appointment today and we had another small panic  moment.  Luckily…everything turned out just fine, but it sure made our hearts skip a beat.  (I think Bennett worried a bit more than me, I was trying to convince myself that nothing was wrong.)  I haven’t dilated anymore than last week and I actually feel like we’ve taken some steps backwards. 

He checked me and then brought out the fetal Doppler to find Little Louis’ heartbeat.  At first, he couldn’t find it.  (Enter panic-stricken moment.)  But then he moved the Doppler much higher than he was looking and sure enough, he got a good solid reading.  But then…Dr. Pizarro exited the room and told us he wanted to see if the other one was available.  The one with the ultrasound machine.  I haven’t had an ultrasound in 18 weeks and today (2 weeks from the due date) you’re going to make me think something is wrong by turning it on?  AHH!

Dr. Pizarro said that he didn’t think Louis was in the right place and that he might be breech.  Breech?!?!?  Please don’t say breech!!  I know that those often result in c-sections and I DO NOT want surgery.  I want to have this baby naturally and as quickly recoverable as possible. 

So we followed him into the second room, I pulled up my shirt and let him dump all that goo on my belly….and sure enough, the baby was not breech, his head was positioned downward and boy was that a relief.  The thing I didn’t like hearing was that he is positioned a lot higher than he should be at 38 weeks.  I feel like my belly is dropping to my knees and here the doctor is telling me that he’s crawling upwards.  Louis!  Why are you already not listening to your momma??  She wants nothing more than to hold and meet you and you’re taking your sweet little time to arrive.

He must get his stubbornness from his father.  I’m clearly not the one to blame for this character trait. 🙂

So anyway, I think I’m going to stop trying to convince myself that Louis will arrive early.  I have now decided that he’s going to be late.  I’m not happy about this new finding – but really, if he needs more time to cook then I’ll let him stay comfy in my belly for a while longer.  Until then, I’m just hoping/wishing/praying for an actual night of sleep.  I mean, I can take getting up to go potty every couple of hours…but when I’m back laying in that bed, I expect comfort.  Maybe comfort is asking too much.  Who knows?


  1. Heather

    I'm sure that was a very scary feeling, but glad to hear all is well!! The last few weeks are so hard, I'm sending you all the good labor vibes I have!

  2. Krista

    10 months pregnant…. I know the feeling. Nathan was induced at 42 weeks…


  3. Anonymous

    how far are you dilated? I was a 0!!! When my water broke. Since I had so much back labor it took forever for my to dilate. I know it hot our there but get some walking in if you can. I regret not exercising more. I really think this why my labor was so long and painful. (It wasn't so painful that I couldn't take it). Also HAVE SEX!!! I read that the male baby batter has ingredients that stimulate contracts, so do orgasms. If anything you will be happier for trying. —-LIZ


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