As you can see by the title….I’m a bit excited that we’ve been declared “full term”.  37 weeks down and I am ready to get this baby out of me! 

  1. I just want my body back.  My sciatic nerve was flared up today and my pregnant waddle was more of a hobble.  My feet and hands are swollen beyond belief and all of my shirts are just too short to cover my entire belly now.
  2. I want to hold my son!!  We have the room ready, the crib is up….his clothes are washed and hung.  I just want his little body cradled in my arms so I can kiss him a million, trillion times and make him Momma’s boy.

I guess both reasons could be considered a bit selfish…but I don’t really care.  I’m fully aware that Louis will arrive when he’s good and ready – but I wish that he would decide that he’s been cooking long enough and he really wants to join the world.  A lot of people want to meet this little guy and their impatience is really starting to make me even more impatient. 🙂Week 37 - 2010.08.03

I think its safe to say that my belly is dropping.  (FINALLY!)  Judging from the picture we took last Tuesday to this one, Louis is starting to get in the runners position so he can make his big debut.  We had a doctors appointment today and Dr. Pizarro said that everything is as it should be.  His heart rate was 136 beats-per-minute and I was dilated to 1 cm.  I am well aware that 1 cm isn’t much but it’s something! 

Dr. Pizarro left the room by saying, “I’ll see you in a week – or sooner if you decide to go into labor.”  So even my doctor is now telling me that it could be any day!  Don’t get my hopes up too much…I’ll start to convince myself that Louis is going to show up early and then he’s really going to make these last few weeks feel like years.

Yesterday I took it upon myself to finish the nesting process.  As you can see by his closet: we’ve got one spoiled little boy on our hands.IMG_3329