No, seriously.  I do.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

My girlfriend Katie is also a crocheter and she thought the best way to assist in the “Caps for Chemo” cause was to make and donate hats of her own.  How cool is that?  So far, she’s handed over six hats and I’ve been told to expect more.  It’s pretty awesome that she is donating her time, yarn and love to help those in need of some head warming gear.

I was going to take a picture of all of her hats by themselves…but it was more fun to lay my little guy on the pile of hats and do a mini-photoshoot.  He’s such a great model.

katie donation1katie donation2

Thanks so much for the donations, Katie!  You are amazing.  You truly are.

We’ve had a pretty decent turn-out so far for hat orders.  I’m thinking that I may need to keep this blog post short so I don’t wear out my hands.  They’ve got some work to do!!  Haha. 

One of my customers has literally blown me away with her donation.  She’s ordered a fairly large number of hats and is donating ALL of them to the cancer centers.  Twelve hats will be donated in the name of Kathleen and she’s not even keeping a single one for herself.  I was overjoyed when she told me that was her plan.  I am very lucky to have met such great people during this crafting journey. 

If the turnout has been this great and we’re only three days into it, I can’t even try and imagine what the rest of the month is going to bring!  Thank you so much everyone who has participated so far!!