My Challenge to You.

Mar 15, 2011

Lately, I’ve really been in the mood of giving back.  I mean – I’ve always wanted to give back…but was always coming up with reasons that I didn’t/couldn’t do it.  Being “too busy” was generally what I told myself was a legitimate excuse.  No more!

2011 is the year for change!  I think I’ve done well so far.  But after I finish up on ‘Caps for Chemo’ and do the ‘Light the Night’ walk, I fear that I won’t have anything that motivates me to push others to do good.

So here’s my challenge to you: this week, find a way to pay it forward.  Do one good deed for an unsuspecting recipient, in the hopes that they will do something good for someone else (and so on and so forth).  It could be something as simple as letting another driver into your lane in heavy traffic, or holding the door open for a stranger, etc.  Simple, random acts of kindness always make my day.

Okay – so enough of that.  If I inspire just one person to pay it forward today, then my job is done here.

Now for more pictures (which is why people probably look at this site in the first place, haha).  Here are the latest CFC hats that have been completed:

00226.00227 - Pittsburgh Pride00228.00229 - You're a Hoot00230.00231 - Ladybug

Barbara M. from Virginia Beach, VA wanted a hat for her son –- who is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  She has also ordered the sweet “You’re a Hoot” and “Ladybug” hats for her daughter.  Thanks so much for your donation, Barbara!  I can’t wait to see what your kiddos think of them!

00232.00233 - You're a Hoot

This “You’re a Hoot” order came from Kuirsta S. from Fairmont, WV.  She wanted a rustic red owl hat and I hope that I’ve accomplished her vision.  Thank you, Kuirsta!!

I am still working through all of my Caps for Chemo orders.  Thank you again for everyone’s patience during this ordering freeze that has been established.  Between a full-time job, a newborn at home and a new hat business, this girl has been BUSY.  Nobody wants a boring life, do they?  Haha.


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