In honor of a milestone on the “Bennett and Katy” side of things…I thought I’d do a silly little countdown to help celebrate.  Today is our 5-year (dating) anniversary!!
This is the number of years that we’ve been together.  I know you’re not supposed to continue to celebrate/honor your dating anniversary after you’ve been married, but I don’t really care.  Five years is a long time!!

This is the first picture we’d ever taken together…but not the the first time we’d met.  Bennett and I shared a mutual friend (the future Dr. Spero) and while I was out with the girls one night, we took over Bennett’s porch for some beer pong as a time waster before we could head downtown to the bars. 

I’m having a hard time remembering ‘why’ we did this, but we were pinkie swearing (and kissing it!) that we’d be BFF’s.  Totally corny and totally adorable that we’re now married.  Yes, this evening revolved around drinking but you have to realize that we were in Morgantown and that’s just how things happens there.  Haha.
1st pic
Doesn’t Bennett look like such a youngster??!!  I probably do too…I just always love his crazy hair, backwards hat and tie-dyed tshirt in this.
This number represent the number of time we’ve moved since we’ve been together.  Packing and moving all of my crap is literally my least favorite thing in the entire world.  I hate it.  The only good that comes of it is that I actually throw away a bunch of things that I had been hoarding for absolutely no reason at all.

Maybe it’s a good reason we’ve moved so many times in so few years?  Otherwise I may have been featured on the show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” by now.
Morgantown, WV: We met there.  We fell in love there.  We shared our everlasting love for the Mountaineers there.  I have nothing but fond memories of good ole Morgantown.

Traverse City, MI: We were lucky enough to be roommates with my big brother (briefly) and my little sister and we had a TON of fun in that tourist town.  Winter was hell, but mostly on our vehicles.  Haha.  I have to say that we taught Northern Michiganders how to have a good time and brought our Mountaineer pride with us in full force.

Wheeling, WV: Our resting ground – or at least for now.  We’ve had some major events happen in our lives in this little cozy town in the panhandle of West Virginia.  It’ll do. ♥

We have adopted two rascally dogs along this journey of ours.  Maeby was added to our family while we were in Traverse City and we added George Michael while in Wheeling.  Both are rescue dogs and both are spoiled beyond belief.

gmMaeby is a great model.

This is an easy one to share.  He’s kind of all over our blog, Facebook pages, every picture in our phones, the topic of every conversation of ours, the only reason why people want to see us anymore…the list could go on.  We’ve had one adorable, loud, drooly, baby boy.

He’s the funniest person I’ve ever known and he’s only been with me for 8-months now.  Imagine the laughs he will be producing as the days go by.
So there is my little countdown.  Pretty corny, but that’s who I am and you’re the one reading my blog.  I make no excuses!  Haha.

I figured I would round out this post with a video that I’ve been promising my Mom for a while now.  Louis has discovered that puppy feet are ticklish and thinks it is SO FUNNY when they try to escape his little fingers.