We took Louis out during our shopping trip today and tried something we haven’t yet.  We basically have been under the assumption that he was too little to sit in the shopping cart but for some reason decided to try it today.  He was awesome!!  Not only did he sit up like a big boy, he also loved the ride and was quite pleasant in the store.

photo 1

We also had a lot of fun during his afternoon feeding.  I know that I’ve posted a TON of pictures of him eating, but it’s seriously too cute when you have a little guy in a chair covered in food.  Daddy had some ‘issues’ getting the food in one little shiesty guy’s mouth, as you can see.

photo 2 (2)photo 3

Doesn’t that first picture make you think of the joke involving ‘see-food’??  Hehe.

After all the fun we had in one Sunday afternoon, Louis crashed.  I love when he sleeps like this.  It’s almost as if he’s worked all day and just needs to take a mid-day nap because of it.  The funny thing is that Mommy and Daddy are probably more deserving of a nap than he is. *sigh*


Aren’t his chunky thighs TO DIE FOR?  (If only people found mine so endearing.)


Our weekend has been pretty much summed up in a few pictures of our little guy.  A little shopping, a little eating and a little just hanging out.  Not too shabby, if you ask me.