It’s okay to both *dread* your baby’s growth and development and encourage it at the same time, right?  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  Louis is getting more and more mobile, which means we are really going to have to re-think how we have everything set up in our house currently.

Baby proofing?  What is that?

Here’s why I’m starting to get nervous…a certain little boy of mine is becoming really good at standing.  He’s still needing to hold onto things for balance and doesn’t have the whole ‘left foot, right foot’ thing down yet, but it’s coming.  I fear for Bennett and myself.  I also fear for the dogs a bit. 


George Michael and Maeby are already the source of a lot of affection from little Lou.  Just imagine what life will be like for them when he’s mobile.  They love to kiss and sniff him right now but that’s because they can plan their attack and leave when they want.  What happens when he can follow them?  I foresee a lot of tail pulling and pathetic looks from our dogs.  Haha.

But darn it if it isn’t cute, right?  Sigh.  My baby is growing up.

We had a long lost friend of mine over to our house on Sunday with her family.  Stephanie and I knew each other through a friend of a friend, of a friend while we both lived in Morgantown.  Through the wonders of Facebook, we’ve discovered that we both live in Wheeling and thought that it was finally time to meet up again.

I’m so glad we did!  It was so nice to see her and meet her husband, Neil, and her two daughters, Cameron and Ella.  Cameron is one of the cutest little blondes that I’ve ever met.  She took to Louis almost immediately and even helped me tickle him at one point.  Bennett snapped these picture during their visit of Lou and Cameron.


Bennett showed off his photography talent by taking some pictures of baby Ella.  She was almost three weeks old during her visit with us and I couldn’t believe how tiny she was!  I somehow forgot how small a newborn really is…it’s hard to believe that our little dude was ever that small.

Here’s one of the pictures that Bennett took of Ella.  I think it’s simply gorgeous.  Bennett is super talented and I’m excited to show off the rest of the pictures once he’s finished editing them.

ella1 - for web

Okay…so one more picture and then I’ll wrap this up.  It’s probably my favorite that Bennett has taken of Louis and me so far.  We get so many shots of just Louis that we forget to put ourselves in the photo as well.  I’m actually trying to figure out our schedule so we can have a photographer come and take some family photos for us.  Hopefully that happens soon!  It’d be nice to remember that we were all here during this time.  Not just Louis.  🙂

IMG_7367 copy2