Over the weekend, I traveled up to Michigan to be a part of my sweet little sister’s bridal weekend.  It was a blast and a half and I’d do it all over again if I could.  Trust me, leaving Louis and Bennett in West Virginia for the entire weekend was *super* hard, but helping to celebrate Sierra’s upcoming nuptials made it a bit easier.

The theme of her shower (decided upon by her three bridesmaids) was: How Sweet It Is.  We were bound and determined to ‘theme it up’ as much as possible.  I even spent an entire weekend making all of her decorations to stick with this theme (and getting spray glue ALL OVER my hands)…but it was worth it. 


Didn’t the table decorations look nice?  Everything had some form of the word “SWEET” on it.  Even the cupcakes had their own decorations. 


The cupcakes didn’t just look cute either.  They were DELICIOUS.  The way we divided all of the party-planning duties up was perfect.  I had the decorations, Emily (who is a culinary genius) had the food and Molly (who is super fun!) had the games.  It couldn’t have gone smoother than it did.


I personally don’t love going to showers and playing all of the silly games that you’re forced into.  Luckily, Molly made it easy on us and I thought they were perfect.  One of the games involved pre-recording a video of Nick (Sierra’s fiancé) answering 20 different questions about himself.  Sierra was asked the questions by the shower guests, she would answer what she thought Nick would say (ie: What was his childhood hero?  How many kids does he want?) and we would play the video back for his answer.

It was hilarious.  Mostly because with every incorrect answer, she had to stuff a piece of gum in her mouth.  Sierra answered the first four questions without a hitch and I was actually pretty nervous that she wasn’t going to be tortured with the gum punishment at all.  And then…it all went downhill for her.  Haha.  That poor girl will probably never chew a piece of Juicy Fruit again in her life.

Anyway, I’ve probably rambled enough.  What else is new?  Here are some more photos from her bridal luncheon:




Can you believe that my baby sister is getting married in just over two months??!!  I’m still having issues realizing that she’s old enough to drive a car, drink a beer and live on her own.  I’m certainly not ready to accept the fact that she’s getting married.  (Prepare for many, many tears during my matron of honor speech.)