Prepare yourselves to be wowed.

For my third installment of “I Made It” Monday I sent out an email to my family members, begging them to allow me to show off their talents.  I can honestly say that I have the most talented family in the world (and that includes the family I married into as well)!!

My Aunt Gayle is a quilter by trade and is quite amazing with fabric.  I only wish that I lived close enough to her to be able to pick up on some of her sewing techniques.  Unless I can drag/persuade/bribe her to come live in West Virginia with me for a while – I suppose I will just have to dream about being as good with a sewing machine as she is.

The project Aunt Gayle took on is replicating (in quilt form) a floor in a building that holds the ‘Steam Plant Grill’ in Spokane, Washington.  It is on the National Historic Register and was formerly a supplier of steam heat to buildings in downtown Spokane, but is now a great restaurant.  “I’ve loved the entry floor since I first saw it and thought it would make an amazing quilt design,” she says.  “I’ve delayed though since I knew it would be a VERY challenging project.”

Riding the elevator to the third floor, Aunt Gayle snapped this photo with her phone and used it to draft a pattern in the desired scale.  I’d have to agree with her that the  floor is spectacular!


She told me, “My friend is chair of the Spokane Historical Society and he was instrumental in getting the National Convention in Spokane next year. I offered to make and donate a quilt to help raise money for expenses.  I had in mind using an architectural  detail as a subject and decided that this would be perfect.”  (Couldn’t agree more!)

And now for the great reveal:


Aunt Gayle didn’t take a picture of the final product, but I think you can get the feel of what it looked like when it was finished.  Isn’t it remarkable?  She said that she chose like colors of batik fabrics to give it a bit of texture and about 200 hours later, it was done.

Job well done, Auntie!! 🙂
Thank you so much for letting me brag about you on my blog!  It’s fun to share the talents of my family with others.

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