Why is it that a three day weekend is always so wonderful?  It’s like that extra day makes life so much better!!  This past weekend was no exception – and it was even harder to go back to work on Tuesday this time around.  Warm weather, a sweet and snuggly little boy and extra time with my hubby and puppies makes work seem daunting.  (Responsibilities stink, don’t they?)


We had a very low-key holiday weekend but it was pretty darn perfect.  On Monday we had a visit from Bennett’s Uncle Jim and Aunt Sheryl, along with Mary and David.  We enjoyed drinks on the porch and an amazing rhubarb and strawberry dessert that Bennett made us from scratch.

And of course: Bennett’s fireworks.


I had to laugh because Bennett was disappointed this year by the “small” amount of fireworks we purchased.  Last year, I let him go pick them out by himself and he came back with a GROSS of bottle rockets.  I thought it’d be safer if I attended the shopping trip this year.  AND, I thought that we came home with plenty of things for him to shoot off.  It’s very apparent that I know nothing.

I’m more of a sparkler girl anyway.


Louis enjoyed being outside and spending time with everyone but very early on decided that fireworks weren’t his thing.  He watched Grandma Mary play with the giant sparkler with fascination but when it came to anything that made a loud ‘boom’, noise he wasn’t exactly a fan.  We made the executive decision that going downtown with an infant that is afraid of fireworks wasn’t the best idea.  Maybe next year.


Don’t you love this picture of Louis with his Papa?  Willow Glen always provides the perfect setting for photos.  This would be no exception.


I tried to keep this post light with pictures…and not overload with a billion photos of the 4th but I can’t seem to stop wanting to share everything.  Maybe my family is just too photogenic to stop at just a few pictures! 

This picture right below is TO DIE FOR.  Seriously…my new favorite picture of little Lou.  Some people have to edit pictures to get eyes to shine this much, but not our child!  His baby blues are insanely bright and full of life and I simply cannot get enough of him.

My new favorite picture. <3IMG_9498b

I hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend!!  Now onto getting ourselves ready for Sierra & Nick’s big wedding bash!!  Can’t wait!!