Assuming people may be wanting a few of the photos Bennett and I took during Sierra & Nick’s big day, we thought we could try something out.  With Bennett McKinley Photography, we have a proofing site set up for Bennett’s clients.  We thought we might try and make the photos available to everyone through those means, instead of trying to distribute things to everyone through separate emails, etc.

whimsy frame1

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit this website to view all of the photos:
  2. Select from all of the photos that are posted.  You have a choice of either downloading the high resolution file or having us send them to the professional printer for a hardcopy for you.
    1. We’ve made the digital downloads free for you, but you must still go through the entire shopping cart ordering process.  Even when your total is $0.00, it’s still going to ask that you put in credit card/paypal information.  It’s just the way it’s set up – I can’t change that.  (A link will be emailed to you after the transaction and you will be able to download the pictures from there.)
    2. If you wish to have them printed, we pay a minimum of $6.50 on shipping/handling with our printing company and the photo orders must be over $12.00 before we can send them in.  If you’re looking to just have a few pictures printed (less than a $12.00 value), I would suggest just downloading the high resolution file and printing them at your local print shop.
  3. All orders must be processed through PayPal.  Even if it’s a $0.00 balance, PayPal is required.

Please email me ( if you have any questions or something isn’t working out for you.  I can always try and walk anyone through the steps.  If this proves to be too difficult of a process, I suppose we will always try something else out.  We just thought this might be one of the easier ways to distribute all of the photos that we personally took during the wedding day.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures we took during that amazing, beautiful wedding.  Bennett, Louis and I had a wonderful time and are so proud of and happy for the newlyweds!