Louis is crawling.  And getting into everything.

We are very quickly learning how fast a tiny person can move when they become mobile.  And we’ve got a fairly large house with a fairly large hallway and a BILLION things for him to get into.  It looks like Bennett and I have a lot of panic-stricken moments ahead of us as we dash behind our little one, trying to keep him out of trouble.  Haha.IMG_1732

I will say that our little Lou didn’t start crawling until about two weeks ago.  He was around 11-months old when he really got the whole ‘left knee, right knee, left hand, right hand’ thing down but we were never worried that he wasn’t ever going to get there.  He just did it on his own time.

Trust me, the crazy side of my brain was screaming a few times but the doctors never seemed worried when we had our checkups and he was developing just fine.  He just didn’t ever like “tummy time”.  Some babies love it, I hear.  Our little man was not a fan from day one.  We would try and put him on his tummy and he would burrow his face and SCREAM.  And I mean scream.  We all but gave up trying to get him to be comfortable with it.

It was so strange too.  Because when we went to Michigan for Sierra’s wedding, we spent the first couple of days at Dad & Ronette’s house and Louis got to have a bunch of time watching MaKale do everything.  Suddenly, Louis wanted to get on his hands and knees because he saw MaKale do it.  It’s funny that all that it took was seeing someone else his size do something to make him want to.  After we got back from our vacation, Louis was cruising everywhere.


All I have to say is: Our poor dogs.  Haha.

Maeby is incredibly patient with Louis.  She lets him literally crawl all over her, pull her ears, stick his fingers in her mouth….anything he wants to do, she is patient with him.  George Michael, on the other hand, is not so patient.  He does everything in his power to avoid his human little-brother.  As you can see in the picture above, Louis wants nothing but to love on George and George wants nothing but Louis to leave him alone.

I’m sure they’ll be friends one day.  Right? 🙂

IMG_1805 copy

Oh…and Louis’ hair?  Well, it’s just short of becoming a baby mullet.  Haha.  He was such a baldie for such a long time, with the exception of his “Terry Bradshaw” look.  And now the bottom of his hair is getting so long that curls are actually starting to form!!  Bennett and I have talked about cutting his hair in the back so the rest of it has time to catch up but I can’t bring myself to cut his curls.  I love curly hair.  (I happened to marry a super cute guy with a head full of it!)

This last picture simply cracks me up.  Louis has a bucket that has blocks of different shapes and sizes that is supposed to be used as a learning tool.  What Louis has learned from it so far is that it’s fun to chew on and yell into.


He sometimes picks it up, as if he were to drink from it, and instead he yells into it so he can hear his voice echo.  I wish I would think to video tape it as it’s happening.  It is too cute.  But then, I am his mother and I think everything is too cute.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m happy to be living in the digital age, especially when it comes to photography equipment.  I can’t imagine how absolutely broke Bennett and I would be trying to develop all of these millions of pictures we take of our little dude.  It’d be worth it. 🙂

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