It’s about time I’ve put up a post about someone else in the creative market!

Kayla (of Kayla’s Creative Collection) is a former high school classmate of mine and has recently become a member of the wonderful world of Etsy.  She has been making some fabulous pieces and I thought it was about time to brag about her creativity.  I would say that Kayla specializes in photography props and couture-inspired items for infants and toddlers.  I am certain that her work would be great for people of all ages, though!!

I should also mention to you that Kayla just delivered her sweet baby girl, Kynnedi, a few weeks ago.  Like a lot of us mommas out there, different venues kind of ‘happened’ after having a baby (or finding out about pregnancy).  I know that I never picked up a crochet hook until after I found out I was pregnant with Louis.  Strange how it works that way, huh? 🙂

I took a moment to chat with Kayla about her business:

K: Where did you come up with the name of your business?
Kayla: My name (Kayla) was the easy part and I guess being creative is just what I do.  I started my business making tutus but did not want to limit myself to just that.  I want to “Bring Creativity to Life” and not just for little girls.  I make anything and everything…or at least try!


K: Which items do you enjoy making the most?
Kayla: My #1 item to create are my hats. Each one is unique in its own way and sometimes I even surprise myself.  I began making my hats when a photographer friend of mine asked if I was up to the challenged.  And boy was it a challenge.  I make all of my items from scratch and wanted my hats to be no exception.  Next I would have to say my wings.  When my daughter was born I was determined I was going to make her a pair of wings for her newborn photo shoot.  Lets just say they almost didn’t make it into my collection.  It took me over five hours to complete them.  Since then I have gotten much more efficient.  Honestly, I just love to create.  I enjoy making something new everyday.  Many times I have customers requesting an item I have already made.  Even when making a duplicate I try to change it up just a little.  I love having and sharing one of a kind items.

K: How/where did you learn to sew, craft and create?
Kayla: My Mommy!  All I have ever wanted is to be just like her.  She has taught me everything I know about being crafty and being a great mother.  When my sisters and I were young our family didn’t have much money.  However, we never would have known.  My mom did everything in her power to make sure we had the best. She made and sold her crafty items in order to pay for our school clothes and Christmas gifts.  Still to this day my mom crafts and loves it.  Any time I have a question she is here to help.  She has taught me the importance of re-purposing which I do every day.  I use items that would otherwise be thrown away to make many of my creations.


K: What inspires you to make your designs?
Kayla: I would have to say my inspiration is my daughter.  Prior to having her all I wanted was a successful career in the criminal justice field.  Today I can not imagine leaving her.  And i guess she is the biggest reason I started my business.  In hopes that I could do something I love that makes a little money and still stay home with my little Kynnedi all day.

K: What is your favorite part about making/selling hand crafted items?
Kayla: I absolutely love to see people wearing/ using my items with a smile on their face. It just brightens my day to see someone excited about something I created.


K: What is the one thing in your craft room that you couldn’t possibly live without?
Kayla: Craft room?  I have actually taken over our family room with my crafting creations. My hot glue gun.  It is a life saver.  Although it has caused me some great pain (burns) I don’t think I could go more than one crafting day without it.

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