This week’s post is a share about a small “project” that Heather from Snapshot Photography sent my way.  They just bought a new house and she was in the process of decorating her daughter’s room and needed some everlasting flowers to be displayed in this flower pot:


If you’ve never been to Crafts 2000, then you’ve never been as obsessed as I am over one particular craft store.  The only thing that keeps me from spending millions of dollars there every year is that it’s in a neighboring town that I hardly ever find myself visiting unless I’m on a craft mission.  If there were one closer, I’d probably be there every day.

I was walking around the other day (most likely shopping for yarn) and I came across these sweet wooden flowers.  Eureka!  And they were only $1.00 per flower.  How much more perfect could my discovery be? 🙂

photo 2photo 3

Heather had sent me the color scheme to her little darling’s room and I got to work.  A few coats of paint and it was finished.  How cute!

photo 1

Isn’t that the sweetest addition to a little girl’s room?  (Now if only I can somehow guarantee that my next child is a girl…haha.)

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Happy Monday, all!