What?  Another post boasting about my husband’s awesome talents?  You betcha! 🙂

My husband and I are constantly getting ourselves into projects at our house.  Obviously, there is yarn EVERYWHERE but there are multiple projects stretched from one end of our house to the other that are ‘half completed’.  I believe that Bennett and I both share the same creative A.D.D.  Haha.

So maybe that’s why this project has been so fun for us to do!  Turning vinyl records into bowls is super quick, easy and the results are fun – we love them!  I’m not sure the the picture is translating as well as I’d hoped, but we’ve used our record bowls as chip bowls several times now and have received plenty of compliments.  (If only they knew how easy it was!)

If I may add – this project is probably so near and dear to me because it’s another form of UPCYCLING!!  Yay!  See how much fun it can be? 🙂


We have a thrift store near our home and when we gather the nerves to go browsing in their [creepy] basement, we buy up a few old vinyl records and bring them home to make more goodies.  Don’t worry – no classics are being harmed in the making of our bowls.  We only pick abstract albums with unknown artists…there are plenty to be found in that basement. 🙂

If anyone would like the ‘recipe’ on how to make a vinyl bowl for themselves, just ask!

made it monday

Thanks for joining me for another “I Made It” Monday.  (I told you I’d get back on schedule, haha.)  If you or someone you know would be interested in featuring something handmade, I’d love to hear from you!  Email me: katy@katyscreations.com

Happy Monday, all!!