Uh oh, what?

That’s Louis’ new favorite term.  I’m not sure if he’s picked it up from his father or myself, but as of late it is in constant use.  It’s pretty cute, too.  At first it was completely out of context and he was just throwing the term around like nothing.  But now Bennett and I are pretty convinced that Louis knows when it is appropriate to use.

Even last night when our friend Josh was visiting, Louis was sitting next to him on the couch, throwing things off of it and ‘uh oh-ing’ the entire time.  (Yes…the drop-it-on-the-ground-a-million-times game is still going on in our household.)

Louis has also discovered the magic of clapping.  Some crazy lady [me] is constantly yelling ‘yay’ at him just to get him to show off his clapping skills.  This video is a a week or so old but it’s still a cute one.  His clapping is always very soft but super sweet.

Louis Bug clapping his hands. 🙂

While we were in Michigan, Nana (my mother) was trying to teach him how fun it would be to do what I could best describe as an Indian yell.  Forgive me for being terrible at explaining this, but it’s when you yell and then repeatedly put your hand over your mouth to get an ‘awawawawawa’ noise. 

I said forgive my explanation!

It’s now been something that Louis totally enjoys doing.  He’s very illusive though because it’s nearly impossible to catch it on camera.  Here was my best attempt:

Maybe I’ll try and get a video of his silly little ‘uh oh’ to add to the archives.  🙂

Can you believe that this little stinker is almost ONE?  Where, oh where, has time gone?