I made it mondayI love randomly stumbling across things that my friends have made.  It generally leads me to start begging and pleading with them to share with you all.  That was exactly the case with Molly’s amazing nursery animals!  I was e-stalking her pregnancy photos and ‘bam!’ I saw these and just had to blog about them!

Molly and her husband, Corey, are going to be meeting their baby boy any day now and I couldn’t be more excited for them.  And from the pictures I’ve seen so far of their nursery, they are doing a wonderful job of making a sweet and cozy room for their little bundle of joy.


Do you see those adorable woodland critters that are framed and hung on the wall??  They caught my eye and when I found out that Molly had made them, I was even more in love!  Aren’t they sweet?


Inquiring minds wondered, so I asked Molly how she came up with these adorable pieces of wall art for her son.

“The theme of our nursery is the outdoors and woodland animals. I was inspired to make these when I tried finding “outdoor nursery décor” online and couldn’t find anything in the style or colors I was looking for, so I started looking at DIY ideas. I found this idea online and decided I would give it a try. I thought this would work out really well considering I already had all the materials from scrapbooking and would be able to choose colors to match the nursery perfectly. The process was really easy and it was so much fun creating something with a personal touch for our baby’s nursery. Once I was done, I framed them and hung them on the wall.”


Simple and perfect.  It makes me want to get out some of my scrap paper and see what kind of sweet wall décor I could make for my son.

Thanks for sharing with us, Molly!

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