pin it tuesdayI don’t know what kind of traditions your families have — but my whenever my family gets together…it’s board and card game time.  And it’s serious.

My side of the family is all about their Euchre.  I would try and explain “dancing 5’s” to you but maybe I should just leave that to be a family thing rather than let you form some sort of judgment on my sweet aunties.  Haha.

On my husband’s side of the family, the game of choice seems to be Scrabble.  I look forward to spending our time with them every Thanksgiving…it’s all about good food, good beer and board games.

Mainly Scrabble.  They are serious about this word game.  It’s fun but I generally crash and burn when I try and battle any of my in-laws.  Maybe I just need to train more during the off season. 🙂  Even though Thanksgiving is a couple of months away, I’m still getting excited about seeing everyone again.  I suppose you could say that this “Pin It” Tuesday is dedicated to the Gerkin family.

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